We are excited to once again partner with our friends at Corpell’s Water and Red River Co-op on a limited edition water bottle project. These water bottles will be sold through RRC grocery and gas locations over the course of summer and see a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold support Toba Centre. Toba Centre goal is to restore the health and wellbeing of those affected by child abuse through a coordinated, community response. Their vision is to see that every victim of child abuse, and every child witness to violence, is heard, helped, and healed.

We were thrilled when Toba Centre Ambassador and friend of the brand, Adam Lowry, voiced his desire to get involved in the project and help us use these bottles as a tangible avenue for all of us to get involved and support their intangible work.

The best part – share your water bottle photos on instagram using the #TOBASUMMER and Adam and the team at Toba will be inviting a select handful of participants out for a small meet and greet and photo op in October during Child Abuse Awareness month.


We don’t take lightly the environmental impact of single use plastics and one of the reason we continually put emphasis on reusable stainless and Nalgene bottles in our seasonal collections.

We are excited to use this packaging platform to share the story of Toba Centre and support their incredibly important work. In the same breath we encourage you to be intentional with the recycling of this product.

Thanks to initiatives like Recycle Everywhere Manitoba boasts a 70% beverage container recycling rate but it would be great to see that number rise. We encourage you to support the cause while focusing on recycling beverage containers so that they can lead to new products, fewer non-renewable resources being mined and a greener province.