Over the years I have slowly began to compile a small library of athlete memoirs. It started four or five years ago when I decided to make a valid effort to read more. I have always enjoyed the autobiography and decided to go to the local book store without an agenda. I was rummaging through the discount book section and stumbled across a copy of Mike Tyson’s Undisputed Truth. I figured the 608 page book could at least serve as a fixture on the book shelf if it didn’t work out. However, it turned out to be a pretty interesting read that pulled back the curtain on a life that depicted a journey spanning the heights of stardom to the pitfalls of crime, substance abuse and infamy. I walked away from the book with an unexpected appreciation for Iron Mike’s ability to harness pain and neglect and turn it into fuel to rise to the pinnacle of his sport, all while trying to manage a life that was on its way to self-destruction.

Over the next few years the books began to pile up; Phil Jackson’s Eleven Rings, R.A. Dickey’s Wherever I Wind Up, Theoren Fleury’s Playing with Fire, Kobe Bryant’s The Mamba Mentality, Julian Edelman’s Relentless…the books began to occupy space but as I was plugging away on the creation of Voak Sportswear in 2018 it sparked an idea.

For those who have followed our brand journey over the past 10 years who may have entered our previous retail space. That space manifested a lot of relationships, connected us to people in the city, country and continent that today we would consider good friends. The space and the brand had created space to connect with people on a personal level. Get to know the people who had made connection to the brand and hear their stories. Conversations that spanned literally hours in the shop laid the foundation for friendships years after it closed. We miss that, I miss that connection so the The Post Game Book Club is going to be our first initiative to rekindle that connection.

The book club was not only born out of this interest to re-kindle authentic community but also as a hope to engage people beyond the brand. We have been fortunate enough to have collaborated and worked with a number of great athletes over the years and in conversation a common thread was the interest in reading. Reading in downtime, reading on long road trips and from this it sparked the idea for The Post Game Book Club.

The Post Game Book Club will set out to explores the profound, humorous and sometimes tragic stories in sport and become an extension of the Voak Sportswear community.

How does it work?

Over the course of year we will put forth a handful of books that will be part of The Post Game Book Club but each will come with a little twist and for that twist you will just have to stay tuned. To be in the know follow @voaksportswear and @postgamebookclub.

How to participate?

Each book will be offered on our website for a 2-3 week period where it can be purchased and shipped to you direct. If you have the book already, have a library card or want to support your local book store, that’s great too. Just get yourself a copy and follow our social accounts to ensure you get connected. We will post the designated read period on The Post Game Book Club account with an end date in which we will announce the wrap up social get together.

We will share excerpts and stories on the social account over the course of the read and hopefully great some opportunities for you as well along the way. Share the experience throw posts using the hashtag #PostGameBookClub on social and bring a friend along for the ride.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone.

What’s the first read?

Announcement coming tomorrow so make sure you are connected here, here and here. We are beyond excited about our first read.