We didn’t spend the money on a big fancy photo-op cheque today but today was a special day for us as we were able to present The Dream Factory with a cheque for $10,000.

This past year we put our heads together with Josh Morrissey of the Winnipeg Jets. Josh is a proud ambassador of The Dream Factory here in Winnipeg and goes above and beyond to support the work of the foundation. We wanted to find a way to creatively fulfill the dream of a much deserving child here in Manitoba. After some conversation we decided to go a bit off the board and create a necktie, something Josh could work into his daily game day attire as a sign of support and a reminder of the many children and families here in Manitoba who were dealt a hand that no family should have to face.

The Dream Factory’s mission is pretty straight forward: to make dreams come true for kids in Manitoba battling life-threatening illnesses. They exist to be a source of joy, laughter and hope for kids and families in our province going through an incredibly difficult experience. Their belief is that sometimes kids deserve to be carried away. For children battling life-threatening illnesses, their dreams are what help lift their spirits and carry them to a place where things aren’t so difficult. That could be a far-off adventure, a meeting with their hero, or simply time spent laughing with their family.

Thanks to the backing of TNSE on the project we were able to include the tie amongst our holiday collaborative product and reach our goal. Josh, myself and The Dream Factory all want to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who purchased the tie and gifted it over the holiday season. There are still a handful of these ties in Jets Gear store and we would love to have them clear out of there so we can explore opportunities like this again in the future to support other Winnipeg and Canadian based organizations.