The Versus collection was heavily influenced by our past, present and future. Inspired by the nature of competition – to be the best. The collection was inspired by those defying the odds. Those who come from nothing. Those not looking for a hand out but a hand up. For those who have yet to see their hard work and dedication pay off. For those who are resilient and wired to persevere. Those who have had their back against a wall and written their way out. For those who have used every bone in their body to define their destiny. Those who let their game do the talking for them. Those who won’t let their dreams be dashed by a ’no’ or ‘can’t’. Those who have been put in a a box but mustered their way out. Those who have conquered, defeated and overcome. It’s for those who have reached their limit and found the reserve tanks. Those who have stayed in their lane and those who have taken the road less traveled.

It’s for those whose only opponent is themselves.

It’s a part of our brand DNA.

Our first pieces drop Friday with the release of our New Era headwear collection. The range consists of 3 New Era 59Fifty fitted caps and one of their newer silhouettes the casual classics. The casual classics is the epitome of comfort constructed from lightweight, heavy-washed cotton with cloth strap closure. Relaxed fit for days at home in your new basement home office. All four caps are extremely limited.

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