When we took the initiative to follow suit and self isolate on March 16 we decided to spend the first couple days holed up and try to foster some creativity. We rummage old ‘inspo’ folders and conducted an exercise of uncharted creativity over the course of a few days to see what would surface. We didn’t have any expectations of the exercise but what came of it were some pretty fun concepts, visuals and narrative. For a brand that’s primary focus is timeless premium Canadian made basics, graphic based pieces don’t have a big roll in what we do on a regular basis.

As the realization set-in that this might be a longer than anticipated stay inside we began toying with the idea of putting some of these concepts out into the world as a small capsule collection. This capsule would allow us to support some of our manufactures and the local economy during a time it is needed most. With over 90% of our product made here in Canada our vendors survival is integral to our stability and future.

As a result we have decided to release the SIC Collection (Self Isolation Capsule Collection) during the duration of self isolation. Each piece will be in very limited quantities. This capsule allowed us to directly support a handful of designers, embroiderers, screen printers and our primary manufactures so know that your support not only helps us weather the storm but those integral to our success. Each release is printed on some of our favourite foundational pieces like our Rival tees and Coliseum long sleeve.