We take great pride in the city of Winnipeg. We also feel this same sense of pride when we see individuals using their talents, skills, and platforms for the betterment of those who call this city home. Winnipeg has a lot of talent and creativity and we get to witness it every day.

When we launched Voak Sportswear, we wanted to make it a mandate to be a part of this positive push and to give back to the community, a community that has support us over the past number of years. This season we were presented with the opportunity to collaborate with the Winnipeg Jets in celebration of the Heritage Classic and 2019/20 season. We saw this as a chance to use the platform for something special and unique.

We are pretty diehard sports fans, and aside from enjoying games on field, court, and ice, we also enjoy the component of game day attire and the personal expression it has become for athletes. One of which, that has stuck out to us, has been Josh Morrissey. Josh’s approach to game day attire has often caught our eye, whether it was a perfectly tailored overcoat spotted on his way to the rink or a bespoke suit and tie pairing for a post-game chat with media. We also hold admiration for his active involvement in the community as a hands-on ambassador of The Dream Factory and this sparked the necktie project.

At first, a necktie design may appear to be out of the ordinary for a brand like Voak Sportswear, who specializes in Canadian fleece and casual athletics but hold that thought.

We reached out to Josh and pitched him on a collaborative necktie. Fortunately, Josh resonated with our idea of the necktie and the mission behind it and we immediately began combing through reference material to create a tie that reflected Josh’s style and aesthetic. Each detail of the tie has been meticulously mulled over from top to bottom. From the sihouette of the tie, interlining weight, and tipping fabric, right down to the JM44 siganture logo that came over text after a session reviewing fabrics.

Our vision for the project is to raise $10,000 for The Dream Factory; the equivalent of one dream fulfilled for a very deserving child. At The Dream Factory, the mission is quite clear: to make dreams come true for kids in Manitoba battling life-threatening illnesses. They exist to be a source of joy, laughter and hope for kids and families in our province going through an incredibly difficult experience. All of the funds raised stay in this province to help local children. Everything they do is focused on helping sick kids and their families.

“Everything that we do starts with the belief that sometimes kids deserve to get carried away. For children battling life-threatening illnesses, their dreams are what help lift their spirits and carry them to a place where things aren’t so difficult. That could be a far-off adventure, a meeting with their hero, or simply time spent laughing with their family.” – The Dream Factory

Thanks in part to TNSE and the Winnipeg Jets the tie will be available exclusively at Jets Gear Stores across the city middle of December. With their wholesale commitment to the project and additional donation of a portion of their sales we will be able to achieve and hopefully exceed our $10,000 goal by years end. With that said, a pre-order will be up on the site next week allowing you local pick-up at our pop-up ensuring you access to the tie. Tune in next week to our social for more info on the tie itself and make sure to sign up to our mailing list for information on when the tie pre-order goes live.

Josh and I want to extend our sincere gratitude for your support of The Dream Factory through the purchase of the collaborative product. Welcome to the Dream Factory family.

A special thanks to Simeon Rusnak and the Co-Pilot family, Reid Valmestad and Austin MacKay, for their donations of time and skillsets in bringing the visuals of the project to life. Ryan Pollard for access to the Fortune Building to give these visuals context. Anders Strome and Dan Suga at TNSE. And Howard Koks, Andrew Kussy and the staff and volunteers at The Dream Factory for their continued work.