It’s not everyday one of the NFL’s brightest, up-and-coming, stars walks into your Winnipeg studio space for an afternoon chat. But he did, and after 45 minutes of talking football, entrepreneurship, El Paso and Winnipeg, Aaron cruised our racks and walked away with some of his favourite pieces. It was a humbling experience to see someone care, as much as we do, about our quality and attention to detail.

We didn’t hold a lot of expectation when he left but we kept in touch, and over the course of the 2019 season, Aaron incorporated a number of our pieces into his 2019 game day fits. A season that consisted of 1,558 all purpose yards and 19, yes 19, touchdowns.

Take a minute to digest this – out of all the players to have scored 19 touchdowns in a season: Earl Campbell, Jamaal Charles, Todd Gurley, Abner Haynes, Larry Johnson, Christian McCaffrey, Chuck Munice, Emmitt Smith and Jim Taylor, 7 were 1st round draft picks and the latest pick out of the group, Aaron Jones, in the fifth round 182nd overall. The 19th running back off the board that year. If that doesn’t motivate you I am not sure what will.

We ended up doing a few custom pieces for him and when the opportunity presented itself to carry on the game day fit tradition this year we jumped at the opportunity.

We are excited to collaborate with Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones on this limited edition Lambeau International Speedway long sleeve and tee that was a part of Aaron’s Week 7 fit at Houston. Every good running back is like a good race car driver: they have vision, are fearless, a fire in the gut to win, a calm and confident demeanour, never afraid to take calculate chances and fast, real fast. Aaron fits that bill.

We will be offering both a tee and longsleeve featuring a the same graphic he sported for this weeks game.These items will be offered as a presale that will run for 33 hours online at 50% of net proceeds from every sale will benefit the A & A All The Way Foundation founded by Alvin and Aaron Jones that launched earlier this week dedicating itself to impacting the lives of the nations youth through initiatives that inspire, educate and promote unity and diversity as well as charitable giving.